/we save a lot of energy to simply not define everything/same with analyzing and magnifying/some or frankly/ most of what has some value if/ you value your life and its reason/always seek out the people driven by curiosity/and kindness/ you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about/ if you’re not one of those people yourself/

/so save some energy by not to worry about that/you’re fine/I’m fine/we are fine/who said life should or could be easy/ knock on wood/ who’s there/ time and eternity or to be correct politically eternity and time/I’ve known them all my life it’s the nicest couple down on castle road/

/backing up my discreation/what to focus on I shall choose the blessed/you guys/ everyone’s incredible/everything’s forever/nothing is constant still the wheels that is/
our sun and moon are the two exceptions/they watch us with such interest that it’s/ beyond observation/if they were persons I would call it and obsession/

/but that would be an assumption based on unnecessary yearnings to define/understand/be certain an/
/I have zero of such nonsense desires/I’m occupied and elevated to a task much higher/ much more meaningless/that’s why I named my horse Imagination/to say that when I’m riding I ride for real/ here’s: the deal, instead of worry, think, rationalize/and/

ask for hints/just dare to feel/use your emotion before you lose the ability to function in what may not seem but still is the world for real/all you need is love/sure/but to /love you

/need to feel.


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