So Southern These Days

Sorta like that ish then right below your umbrella holeDig it deeper every night for thirteen nights then midnight rider boy in a bubble let me be jimi hendrix moment the tv is zapping through my channels i dress in transcendent as bored as a fly on the windshield track a trail through honey through it all i made you small and cadaver style instead your face smiles a grimy its a Indiana roll time reversed

Don’t you touch the sky dont you say nothing not really gonna be squeezed in summer sodajerk sex and love and home cooking rooster lays two eggs three’s a charm but all is seven as revealed in book of job, ragzugga job, nothing to learn, understand it, make it look satisfying rubbing is earning it nit slip walks in science fiction a firefly a fire hydrant the tigris a watershed the Eufratis is a Mississppi steam boat coral 74′ Nader Sanders landslide hashtags run for it.
Place the parts of the mothership inside the puzzle and come with me raindrops are you are the tv let me be poet slam poet shit poet coward poet bob dylan i am toilet too

Silly gone to holiday military bases premises on gold land crimson ocean time reverse let it pass its platinum its a hurricane a sunday sermon high typhoons over driftaway beach, grateful beach, historically symbolically ignored.
Indigo tumbleweeds the nightmare shifts armadillo arkansas armageddon ant architecture guaranteed forbidden social paranormal Hennessy fills a large house when it Hercules down in wormfood parish pity pardon pug it like a honky dog.


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