Low Lousy Loud Thing

-… a story that Johnny Cash and one of his many gut-wrenching country songs inspired me to write.
You should get which one:

So I am burned right down to the ground, right, like all that’s left of me is ashes I could be like the fucking legend of the Phoenix but I’m not. I sure as hell aint. The bird of Phoenix is graceful, there ain’t no graceful about me. Im like the phone in the middle of the dinner, just sat down, the only lousy time you get with your lousy family you got, but it’s the one you got and what’s you gonna do?

My name is Hickey Twister and I am not the president of the United States, Hell, I’m not even a congressman. I’m a man of the con if you change gress to grass.

Nobody would vote for me anyway, the way I look, the way I dress, maybe not for the way I talk but not smile. This is the time and place where I want you to have it. It. That There. This.

I start at the signal, there aint nothing trafficking my speed of knowing all meaning behind life, and I know the meaning is not being burned right down to ground like I am, right.

I am soon ashes but not ashes. It’s a good thing you found me though. Not many who uses this side of the land anymore, precisely why I came here in the first place, I presume I assume, but do I have my doubts? Sure, I have doubts too.

I remember being in the class room as a kid only once a week, my father you see. I had to work, since before six of age. And in the war then, now, the what they call in between the wars, I am a man of old, and I know the meaning of life, boy, treat your dog right, get a wife, get a proper education if you can but before you do I have a favor of you to ask. Actually two. I’m guessing since you don’t say nothing I can confess myself to you. Rose is ma wife, Rose is my meaning. Will you help me rise? It hurts to lay, find Rose you will I pray, find her and tell her my love. Rose, like the ray of light suddenly at speed of light the meaning of life, son you don’t understand.
I seem to be drifting in and.

Out of. Sleep.

Here, I got some pennies too.
It won’t last long the way it goes.

No son my pain doesn’t hurt as long as you run

And if you do find her and our son tell them both but

Dont forget of what I spoke, throw out your stupid croak

And Give my love to rose.


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