Africa Chicken Dinners

Africa, I never sat foot in your musical mosaic continent.

Africa, You got my breath and you use it to blow dust all over your history of bad intent.

Africa, Where did your sense of pride and sensation and uniquely qualified to be the best student in the classroom go?

Africa, are you letting your people and their genocides and poor education diminish your self respect, your mother tongue speaks a poetic alphabet

Africa, the home of elephants yet The home of brilliance and ancient knowledge about the golden number, the silver spoon and the bronze in your veins from Tangiers to Mozambique
waking up without your astronaut suit
In the jungle of your own heart naked and raped is that’s all? You of all?

Africa, show me some strength, or else my kind will let you down again, seize the diamond money you’ve managed to hidden, colonizing your children to a violent fate picking cotton and corn might make any boy these days that tolerance and levels of garbage pit pile role you take is a victim one and you need offensive leading to win possibly some mewning, more questions genocide lays on the table upright with the knitting. its been a while now and you have one leg already kicking. civil wars that scars your thoughts but Africa you got to heal yourself. live alone, die together with yourself and none. similar to just about everyone: stay afloat, rig the game, blame the guy blow some cop, act your age bitch.
maybe all youre worth really is just the rotten core of all the world’s green shit. who knows. You sure as fuck dont take initiative, whatever happened to the teachings from Egypt. Cooperation is the key to building every kind of pyramid. Corruption has the same structure, at the very top one man/one block and tools are dropped in by a chopper with a pilot that wants in on crime and out of his flat afrikan time.

You have lost faith, haven’t you? Know that I can’t blame you entirely,
but my job is to make eternity last as long as possible if thats not too much trouble. You sit back and watch your trees and their roots old as old enough to stand some
more but its hot and theres an extra 33 million in your developing galloping governments less sophisticated than a viking, less humilated than a african zit on the ass of the world will continue to sit and soon the borderless medical doctors and nurses flies home with gucci or Monsanto purses
everyone everyday has flirted many times to be convrted to be cleansed, to sing about what needs to be threatened, after centuries of robberies, rape and battery. Step out of the golden age of Europe, Africa you remember when you separated the Eurasia, you got the biggest river on the surface, thats energy you don’t have to purchase make them others suffer

Africa, the wildest and deadliest oldest fallen one in the most neglected collection of countries. face this

Do what you feel is needed and history will take a new leap and call you a savior. Use your voodoo use your myths navigate your course by the hieroglyphs, or have you lost the power you’ve never been able to show before? laziness or lack of testosterone get out of the way tomcare for one random name one random piece of paper. africa a challenge as a final destination to

Africa, you’re handed a chance from me now take it or prove what you know is not even half the truth of being used as a gumball machine for industry and later robbed for slavery and whatever the worth of what diamonds smeared in oilpools could have been.

Africa you’re cut out of the same cloth as every continent within the shores of the Atlantic sea and Middle East. I trust in you that what you do will earn people like me and Adam and Eve not to mourn what you never seized.

Africa, pretty please I’m not asking twice. It’s now or never all right?

With all the due and the respect beneath

Yours Truly

River Zeal


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