Under Heathen Weather

The movie wasn’t scheduled to screen in april anyway

The hand didn’t come with any finger prints on Wednesday

The stoned and broke arrows point down-side-upwards

Life wasn’t scheduled to hit the mayan tunnels, Fitzgerald highways

Rolling like stones, like drones creeping in and out of zoos and shows

Typing like bones, like toys not expanding the limitations of the box office

The hue saturates the colors of our every morning cue lined waiting for wicked rolling rolling

Rolling like stones, the rumored marooned abysmal pitfalls peepholes, departs arrivals
Rolling like stones at the sound of hammer fall, guest docks smooth raccoons laid in ruins, rolling like stones the drops of weather hatches

The rum run over by the la layette squad, parks in needles, same day in equal equinoxes, shadow figures, hum.

The play button wasn’t invented when they did a rerun

Timequake, Earthquake, birthdays payed in sermons

The pressing of red velvet, 1980s plastic pieces childhood

Brings an errand to the herald of mind, grass green wine, nursery-rhymed like it should.

Rolling like stones, zombies, hillside corpses, rolling like stones, wooden, holy, like moons in AM hours, tuna sailors, seagull creatures rolling

Rolling like stones, high dried bums of morphine lotus, rolling spring, rolling summer, august


the rolling credits as credentials, the heathens, the independence bell chime

new era century of sunset sunspots, sunken treasures, shots of nectar at the neck of tide

Old York, hispanics, the declaration wasn’t even written

everything is half ass-whole trimmed parts of the front rows, the check out, cash-in’s, sickly are the sick and wicked are the sicks will not be smitten )

Music riding away the weather


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