River-Zeal © 2017

If I had the time
I’d fast forward

If anything goes here comes three crows and with them the rust of the world. Execute names a button colored rusty crimson like flames into burst!
If anything goes can my gun hang from my tongue and execute first?

If I had the time
I’d press execute

And the knowledge combined output them all and they’re so important they need to feel important in the face of other people importance of being idle, unable and celebrate the foe! knowledge to live amongst us without legs or heads gloriously dressed in executed red velvet silk rubber in the face of other people acting important looking like extras in a movie scene or he might just be invented in the face of time to exterminate!

If I had the time
I’d take us safe to Hell

Execute in Gloria Excelsis Deo ancient spell
Oed Sislecxe Airolg backward spiral bound and bent
throws me out of time for a while of a lifetime
then I’m back catching the whole automatic earth is for rent
Only thing that hath no end, inside the inside
Time itself was the half bull half man alive
And he sath there with a laugh
His Breath Still Smells like Manflesh
And that got them so afraid
He chopped some heads that day, Time
He should be given gratitude in the end,
Mysteries don’t solve themselves
Or occurrences of occupations like police officers
Terms used mentioning law and order
So white males started murmuring and ever since
Time has sped away, out of reach, really fled
And The Night is red the color of rust and Hell
And you’ve been there
You just denying it yet

If I had the time
I’d press red


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